Although I am a firm believer that the photographer and subject weigh far more than the camera when it comes to the resulting image quality, there is no doubt that the instrument at hand can inspire or impede, depending on quality, ergonomics and perhaps even reputation.

These pages contain information drawn from my own personal experiences with each of the cameras and lenses listed, along with a few technical details and links for further investigation. Most of the information about equipment I've encountered has been quantitative in nature, such as lens MTF charts, etc. I've decided to handle it differently, and explain more about the actual use of these tools, and my subjective impressions of performance and aestetics.

If you have comments or suggestions about how I can improve my camera section, or if you have information I can add such as links that will increase the depth of my offerings, please send me an email. Don't forget to visit a great antique camera site by Dan Colucci.

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