Scenic Gallery

Since the beginnings of photography in the 1840s and centuries earlier in painting, one of the "classic" subjects has been landscapes. Many times I've also been inspired to capture pastoral vistas, bucholic scenes, and mesmerizing meadows. However, the traditional landscape genre is somewhat too limited in scope for a good portion of my work, so I've chosen to call this section "Scenic". Collected here are various types of images that fall into this broad category.

In general, my aim is to capture something that might be right in front of us but that we may not recognize as interesting or beautiful. In fact, I've often discovered that scenes which do not look interesting one day may be captivating the very next day. Although I've traveled quite a bit, it is always surprising to me how rich the imagery is, so close to home. For more on my ideas on photography, please visit the Philosophy section of this site.

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